Startups, bloggers and other self-employed people can use automation tools

They can also be used to improve productivity in their existing businesses.

Automation is about getting more stuff done faster with less effort and it is proven that the more automated things are, the better they are. According to a survey by Stillpoint Media Research in 2018, 68% of consumers have admitted that automation has made their lives easier. This has come at a time when the Internet has become such an important part of our lives that almost everyone uses it at least part of the time.

WeChat, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter… there are huge amounts of social media platforms where an individual can quickly find the latest trending news. But only some have a presence on other platforms and are therefore left out of the game.

Content marketers should get into this market. In such a world, content is king. Social media is also one way to gain more followers and engage more with your prospective customers. A good content writer will not just write intelligent articles but generate more revenue because they are able to create more trust in their audience and lead them towards buying their products or services in the future (through social proof).

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a wave of social media marketing strategies develop. The biggest drivers behind this phenomenon are the increasing number of users accessing social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and mobile phones all over the world. This is, to some extent, due to the fact that people these days use communication platforms such as online services more frequently than they did in earlier times.

Social media marketing can be divided into two categories: local and global marketers. Local marketers focus on their region or niche within a country; while global marketers market their business or product globally. This section will dispel some myths about marketing online that might hinder companies when it comes to targeting potential customers.