Marketing online is a tricky proposition

It involves everything from understanding marketing terms and concepts to creating a favorable online reputation.

The concept of a marketing automation system aims to automate the process of writing content and optimizing the ideas for various platforms. There are large software companies that try to build these systems for both marketers and copywriters. But there are also smaller firms that focus on specific use cases such as SEO copywriting, website content writing, blog writing, etc.

You can think of online marketing as a big game of chess. It is played between the webmaster and all the players like brands, publishers, bloggers and so forth. About 50% of people playing this game are using Google Ads to market their products on Google and social media channels.

Marketing online is very competitive, so companies need to invest more in advertising to improve their position in this industry. To do that, they need a surefire way to track their performance for each user on specific topics that demonstrate trustworthiness and relevance for them.

With AI-driven Marketing Assistant technology, we can achieve this goal by automating the interaction between human users (Brand) and digital agencies (marketing agency). This interaction leads to better brand awareness increasing conversion rates.